Aero Instagram APK Download Latest Version 2022 [Android/IOS]

Nobody today is unfamiliar with the popularity of the Instagram app. It is the most widely used social media platform to connect people all over the globe. We can share pictures, videos, and our loved moments there. Besides its unique features, many things are missing in the official app. So, hundreds of mod versions are available now, having additional features. Aero Instagram is one of the mod apps of official Instagram.

Aero Instagram 2022

Aero Insta consists of extra features that are not present in the official Instagram app. You can build a trustworthy network worldwide by connecting with different people with the help of this incredibly fantastic app.

What is Aero Instagram Apk 2022?

As we have mentioned before, hundreds of mod apps of official Instagram are available, but Aero Insta is better than all due to its functions and simple working. You may know that it is not possible to download images and videos from Instagram. To do so, you may need to apply tricks and tips. But if you want to avoid any hectic situation, simply install aero Instagram apk 2022 on your phone.

Aero Insta is the modified version of an already modified app named InstaUltra. Soula mods developed InstaUltra. Now, the aero Instagram is remodified by Hazar for dark theme lovers. There are numerous themes, including Red, Dark, Dark Green, Blue, Dark Gold, etc., so users can pick up the one they like.

If you have this app on your phone, it will be super easy to download and install images, videos, and other content without using any third-party apps. Moreover, you may be surprised to see how this app keeps your privacy and makes you feel safe.

Aero apps are always trustworthy, so the same is the scenario with this app. Users can utilize privacy features like disabling messages, privacy on calls, who can view your story, follow you, and so forth. But the best quality among all of the aero Insta is it lets you download the stories uploaded by others without any worry.

You can download the official aeroinsta app from the link we have given here. But our visitors may want to know the features of this app before getting it installed on their phones.  So, let’s first talk about the characteristics of aero Insta apk.

Mod Features

We have found the below-mentioned features unique than all other mod versions of Instagram here in aero Instagram apk.

Hide Liked Posts

In the official Insta app, you may know that the posts you have liked are visible to your followers because they are saved to your favorite list. Our mod app provides you privacy in every aspect. So, you can enjoy any post without the fear that it will be visible to anyone else. This app allows you to hide your liked posts from others safely.

Play Stories with sounds

The sound of stories on Instagram does not play by default when you see any story. So, you have to tap on the speaker icon to play the story with sound. This may be a hectic thing for anyone. All this happens on the original app; however, with the aero Insta, stories have the capabilities to play with sound automatically. Therefore, you can save your time and watch the stories on the go.

Download Anything you want

Here comes the fascinating feature that everyone would surely love. Many users complain that we are not able to download images or videos from Instagram. There is no solution to this problem except to use some third-party apps or apply other tricks. But as this app has more features than official Instagram. So, you can download anything you wish without installing additional apps. Whether it’s a video, image, or anything else, it’s possible to download on your phone directly.

See who is following you

If you are having trouble finding out who is following you from your follower’s list, no need to worry because you are just a single click behind to get this feature of viewing the followers. You can go to any user’s profile and see whether he is following you or not.

Hide View Story

Aero Insta provides plenty of privacy features. For example, you can hide posts you like, hide message typing, reading messages, and also be able to hide the view story status. So, whenever you watch the story of any person, they can not know that you have seen their story. Keep on enjoying the endless features of this app free of cost.

Disable typing message status

Sometimes we type a message, but then we think that we should not send it. So, we stopped writing the message. But the other person with whom you are chatting can see that you are typing a message. So, when you do not send the message after a long time typing, they may ask you the reason for eliminating the text. To avoid this situation, install aero Instagram so you can hide typing status from the person on the other end. Things are becoming more manageable with this mod version, right?

Zoom Content

This mod app lets you view the posts on full screen. Moreover, you can apply zoom effects also. If you want to zoom in, just long, tap on the screen with your finger and get the things done within seconds.

Share Stories

When we post something to an Instagram story, we have to crop it to adjust according to the screen width. So, sometimes our main content got cut. To share stories without cropping, you should use this mod app. Here your story will automatically adjust to screen width.

Post pictures without Compressing

Sometimes Instagram compresses our uploaded pictures, so the picture’s quality may get blurred, and the image looks stretched. However, this is not the case with aero Insta. Here you can upload your photos in HD quality, and Instagram won’t compress them.

Copy and Translate Comments

It is almost impossible to copy a comment or get the translation of the comment if it’s in another language by using the Official Instagram app. However, in this mod app, you will find the addition of multiple languages and the ease of copying comments and getting the translation of comments promptly.

No Boring ads

On Instagram, we came across multiple ads. Whether we want to see them or not, we have to go through them when exploring the news feed. So, sometimes we get annoyed with this thing and want to skip the ads. Thanks to the aero Instagram apk, you can disable unwanted ads and shop advertisements freely from your news feed.

How to download and install the aero Instagram new version?

Here is a brief description of how you can download and install Aero Instagram on your phone. Follow these steps and get the app installed instantly.

  • If you are already using any Instagram app, remove it from your phone.
  • We have provided you with a link to download and install aero Instagram 2022
  • After installing, open it and put your username and password to login into your account
  • If you have set two-way authentication for your account, you may have to place OTP to login to here
  • Here we go, you have done it. Keep enjoying unlimited premium features of aeroinsta.


Summarizing our discussion, we hope you will get all the features you need in this Insta app. Due to the endless features and fantastic User Interface, users will fall in love with it. In short, Aero Instagram is a fully-fledged app having all the necessary features that official Instagram lacks.  Download this mod version and enjoy using Instagram’s impressive features. But make sure to Uninstall official Instagram from your phone first to keep your Insta account safe from banning.


Is Aero Insta harmful to my Instagram account?

You will not lose access to your account with this app, and it is undoubtedly safe to use.

Does Aero Insta require any subscription fee?

A big No. Aero Instagram is a free-to-use app.

Can we use aero Instagram by logging in with Facebook?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to log in to aero Insta with a Facebook account.

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