Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot? – (Ultimate Walkthrough)

Instagram is full of amazing content, so it’s hard to resist taking screenshots or video clips. What if the person you screenshotted knows you took a screenshot of their post? Is it possible to capture screenshots of your Instagram posts?

A friend may share your birth story for you, and you want to save it to your camera roll, or you may want to save a recipe someone posted so you can use it later. 

Does Instagram Notify When you Screenshot?

Instagram doesn’t let the other user know you screenshotted their content, no matter whether you’re screen-capturing a post, a story, or even a reel. However, Instagram does inform the sender of a screenshot of an image or video if you screenshot it from your direct message inbox. 

If you screenshot an image, message, or any other content that someone shared with you, no one will know that you did it. The screenshot notification is not sent all the time, though. In one case, the notification is sent when the device is not in range.

In this article, we will give you complete information about Instagram notifications related to the screenshot of your content. So let’s start the article. 

Does Instagram Send Notifications for Screenshots of Photo or Video Posts 2021?

The home feed and user profiles are safe from screenshot notifications, while regular photo and video posts are not. If you record someone else’s video post while recording your own device’s screen, you will need to be careful with consent.

Tip and trick

You can use the built-in bookmarking feature on Instagram to save posts instead of taking screenshots. It allows you to collect individual postings and re-visit them later to see them again (which does not alter their post status). 

To save any post, tap the bookmark icon underneath it. If you visit your profile and tap Saved, you will see all your saved posts. However, if your bookmark is removed from that original image, you lose that bookmark.

Does Instagram notify you when you screenshot a story in 2021?

Instagram recently discontinued a feature that allowed users to track who was screenshotting their stories after testing the feature for a few months. In February 2018, we started noticing this feature. By June, it had vanished. Those who haven’t been notified can still screenshot others’ stories without being reported as having done so.


The story screenshot notification on Instagram isn’t guaranteed to go away. If testing resumes without your knowledge, it is always possible.

Does Instagram Send Notifications for Screenshots of Direct Messages?

The Instagram app lets you take disappearing photos or videos and then send them as a direct message to groups or individuals. According to the Instagram Help section, you will receive a screenshot notification if any of your recipients decide to block your post.

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Using direct messaging is safe if you send anything else. You will not notify Directly message screenshots of non-disappearing content (like feed posts, hashtags, or text).

Does Instagram Send Notifications for Screenshots of User Profiles?

As with taking a screenshot of a person’s photos or videos, a screenshot of a profile page is innocuous. Generally speaking, this is great for quickly saving their website or contact information on their bio without following them.

Tips and trick 

Make your Instagram account private if you are concerned that people might screenshot your content. Visitors who aren’t following you will only see your image and your name. Only followers and the followers you approve will take screenshots, but new users will not.

Beware of third-party apps that claim to send Instagram screenshots to you

The chances of getting a screenshot notification through a third-party app are extremely low. Due to security and privacy concerns, Instagram limits third-party apps’ access to accounts via its API, meaning no app will be able to identify users taking screenshots of your content.

Make sure you don’t install any apps that tell you who’s grabbing screenshots of your stuff. If you download a malicious app, you might get infected with viruses or expose your Instagram account to exposure.

 An important consideration:  

Almost everybody has used an app that claims to be able to email you Instagram screenshots. You should remove it immediately from your iOS device or Android device if you have already installed it and provided your info to it. Install an antivirus app on your Android device. Finally, change your Instagram password to be sure.

How to avoid being detected for an Instagram screenshot 

When someone sends you an Instagram direct message, and you want to receive that photo or video, there are several ways to preserve them but not alert the other person that you screenshotted them:

  • Activate airplane mode on your phone: Doing so will prevent the person you screenshot from being notified that their photo or video has disappeared after you had taken it. You can open the photo, hold your finger down on it, and turn airplane mode on quickly while you’re still pressing the photo. You can then take a screenshot with your phone in airplane mode and the picture already in it. 
  • Use a web browser to go to Instagram: A user can take screenshots in their direct messages that disappear using their computer, without the person even knowing. Screenshots taken in the web browser do not get notified by Instagram. 
  • Other cameras or devices can be used: The only other way to get an image of your screen is to take a picture with an alternate device.

Regardless of the method used to avoid the screenshot notification, you should never violate anyone’s privacy or share their images, sensitive content, or personal data without that individual’s consent. 

Final Words 

We hope that you will like our article “does Instagram notify when you screenshot.” All of your confusion related to the Instagram notification of your content screenshot is gone away.  If you still face any difficulty and confusion, let us know in the comment section.

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