GB Instagram Themes Download 2021 (Complete Guide)

A few people might be using GB Instagram APK that offers various themes. But most of us don’t know well about it. People like me who get bored with the same looks for a very long time period see the theme Instagram APK is a tiresome thing. The good news is nowadays we can have other options as well, such as GB Instagram, OGInsta, Instagram Plus, etc.

Here is the full guide on how you can see a private account on Instagram. after learning the method you can easily see or spy on a private Instagram account of your ex, wife, model, husband, or any related one.

GB Instagram is the latest version of the simple, older Instagram that is becoming popular nowadays because of its features. You can simply save the post, pictures and also can download videos from this new version of Instagram. These are some of the main features of GB Instagram which are not available on Instagram.



Instagram Themes (Gbinsta)

Instagram is a very popular app which is officially owned by Facebook people want to download pictures, stories and videos from it but these features are not available in the original application of Instagram, therefore many competitors many their versions of Instagram in which GB Instagram is one of the best versions which satisfy the user needs. Different themes are also available in this GB Instagram APK so, the user can download and install the themes which is according to its needs, which looks good to him.

GB Instagram themes are also great features that are not present in an older version of Instagram. With the help of themes, the user can create a new look for his GB Instagram account. Themes play a very important role in the appearance of your account. The main thing you must know about this app that it is not available on the google play store that’s the reason you can’t download it simply.

GB Instagram Themes for Android

There are a lot of themes available free for android. You can see it in your application, download and install the theme which looks good to you. It is not very easy to find the free themes for android which looks good to him. Every user has his own choice and some themes which look very beautiful to one user not necessarily look good to another user, because every user has his own choices.

GB Instagram Themes for iOS

Have you got Instagram GB for iOS? It’s very simple to have GB Instagram on Android devices, but you have to make certain additional efforts to get GB Instagram on your iPhone or iPad. You should realize that it is not technically accessible to iOS devices, but you must use Cydia Impactor to have it on your iPhone. You can use a USB cable to connect your iPhone with your PC and install the Cydia Impactor on your PC. You’ll be able to download and install this mod on your iOS device by doing so.

GB Instagram Themes for PC/Desktop

First, you need to download the Emulator to use Google Play Store on your PC. Then search for “GB insta” on your Play Store. After installing this open the Emulator app drawer, click on the icon GBinsta, and follow the on-screen steps given to you.

Go Ahead! Download GB Instagram Apk

If you want to download this app you can download it from some websites on which this application is available, but the good thing is that you can download it free. You don’t need to buy this app from any website because it is easily available free of cost.

Many users face problems in downloading the GB Instagram and in using the themes in the GB Instagram. Gb Instagram has been sourced by another party with unique features and looks as compared to the previous version of Instagram. Or can’t replace it with the original application. Gb Instagram has much better features than the original version of Instagram.



Steps to Download Gb Instagram Theme

GB Instagram Themes

GB Instagram Themes



Download and Install the Osm Theme on Your Phone

If you want good working of this application, then it works good with GB apps and you can also download themes for (osm theme) from the google play store

Open GB Instagram from Osm Theme

When you have installed the osm app on your phone, open it and click on the menu in the osm app. You will see the GB Instagram in it, click on it, it will open and you see different themes, select one theme which you like most.

Extract the file Which you Downloaded

When you click on the theme it will start to download and store in your device storage in zip format. Now you extract the file in .xml format. This XML format file is now you can use for further processing of the application

Now Install a theme from GB Instagram

In your GB Instagram access, the setting option and click it to load the file here from device storage and then restart the application to continue with the GB Instagram.



Why Use GB Instagram?

The advantage of this GB Instagram on other that you can change the language of comments into your desired language. There are some languages available in this application in which you can get the translation of your desired comments or texts.

Here in this application, you can easily download the images which you want to save in your data to use it in another place or use it on other platforms.

In this GB Instagram, you can see the stories of your contacts and they don’t know that you have seen their stories, while in the original application they can see when you are online on this application. A large variety of themes available on this Instagram so the user can choose it according to his needs.




Can I customize fonts using GB Instagram?

Yes, you can choose the fonts of your choice which look good on your feed.

Can I copy the other’s bio on the Instagram?

No. For this purpose you need to use GB Instagram. You can copy other bio’s and captions from any other account using Gb insta and use them for yourself. It is a very good advantage of this application.

Is dual account available on GB Instagram?

Yes. You can use two Instagram account on one phone in a single application by opening one is a personal account and one business account.


There are many themes available in this GB Instagram application. You just need to download them and install them on your GB Instagram to make the interface of your app more beautiful. In GB Instagram users can easily download images and videos. You can also make the interface of your application very attractive to the viewers using different themes available in it and can also customize the themes according to your requirements. Although this GB Instagram is not available to you in the play store you can find it on google on any other search engine.

Hope You Will Enjoy Colorful & Vibrant Themes!!!

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