GB Instagram Plus [GBINSTA+] Download Latest Version

Gbinsta is very popular social networking application that allows its user’s to share their pictures, stories, and videos with friends and family members. It is evidently followed by most of the celebrities because they feel secure as Instagram has some strict privacy policy that ensures the data and privacy protection of its users.

However, many people don’t like this privacy policy as they want to share pictures, videos & stories of their favorite celebrities and friends which Instagram doesn’t allow. Therefore, there was a need to have an app that allows their users to share pictures and videos of other users as well.




GB Instagram is perfect solution for all those users who want to share and download photos, videos and stories of other Instagram users along with some other added exciting features. GB Instagram is modified version of official Instagram and is currently the most trending application too. There are several MODs available of GB Instagram for IOS devices and PC .GB Instagram plus is one of them.

GB Instagram Plus (GBINSTA+)

The GB Insta & GB Insta plus are the advancement from GB mods & are not merely a messenger app rather they are modified versions of official Instagram app by which you can enjoy two instagram accounts from the same phone simultaneously. GB Insta and GB Insta + are the finest substitutes of OG Insta & OG Insta plus.

While using this modded app, one question would bother you that it might get banned one day but good news is it is absolutely safe to use.  GB Instagram is customized version hence you will enjoy more features while using this without fear of getting banned. 

GB Instagram + 6.0

If you want to download and install GB Instagram apk or GB Insta plus on your phone then you need to uninstall the official Instagram app from your device first. If you are facing any problem downloading GB Instagram apk or GB Instagram plus on your phone then we are giving you a step by step method to install it.

Step by Step Installation Guide of GB Insta apk & GB Insta plus (GBINSTA+)

 Step # 1: 

The first step is to download GB Instagram apk 60 & GB Instagram plus 1.6 setup file.

 Step # 2: 

Once you are done downloading GB Instagram apk 60 & GB Insta gram plus 1.6 file, then you need to install this on your android phone and then open the link.

Reminder: Don’t forget to enable or mark on ‘unknown source security settings’ before the installation of this app. This is usually required when installing any other outside app through back up or apk file.

If this option is not used, then click on it & install any application without opening play store described as under:

Settings<<<security<<<unknown sources and then click it.

 Step # 3: 

Now hit on the login button & there you go.

You have successfully installed GB Instagram plus instagram 1.6 on your mobile phone; now enjoy exciting features of the app on your phone.


Information about GB Insta apk and gb Instagram pro latest version 2021

We are providing you information about the latest version of GB Instagram apk.

Name of App GB Insta & GB Insta Plus Apk (GBINSTA+)
Latest version GB Insta v 6.0
Up gradation 9th May, 2021
Android version needed Android 4.4.4 jelly beans
Application Size 38.69 Mb
Developer GB Mods –atnfas hoak GB insta
Downloads 100000+
Key Features Downloading photos, videos, stories & much more



What’s new in GB Insta Apk & GB Insta plus

  • Stories, images & videos can be watched anonymously.
  • Restores large images of profile pictures or Display picture.
  • Error fixing is easy when downloading a theme.
  • You can customize settings or themes as per your requirement. It’s super easy.
  • Bio & comments can be copied.
  • Translation of comments in your language is available.
  • Profile pictures can be zoom.
  • Much more…

Features of GB Insta 6.0 & GB Insta Plus v 6

I am sure that you will fall in love with GB Insta plus features once I share them with you. In this article you will get to know about the additional amazing and exciting features of this latest version of GB Insta plus. Some of the features are:

  • Download & zoom the profile picture:

The official Instagram didn’t allow their users to download and zoom profile pictures of other users because of strict privacy policy and to keep the users data safe & secure. However, GB Instagram plus & GB Insta apk allows you to download the picture, but that’s not all. You can also zoom the picture when needed.

  • Shows “follow you” option:

If you want to know that who is following you & who is not then, then this app is best for you as it provides you this information as well. You can check this by visiting other person’s profile that you want to check; there you will find “FOLLOWS YOU” option right beneath the message button.

  • No issue of getting ban:

There are number of mods available for which there is no guarantee that they are anti ban or not. However, this mod of GB Insta is anti ban and completely safe to use. So, enjoy exciting and fabulous features of GB Insta apk & GB Insta Plus without any fear of getting ban.

  • Downloading Instagram stories:

Previously, people used to take screen shots of Instagram stories and photos because downloading was not allowed due to which picture quality was also compromised.  But now they can download photos, videos & stories of your friends, family or any celebrity in good quality by using GB Insta apk & GB Insta Plus.


Is it possible to use two accounts with GB Insta+ apk Plus?

Yes, unlike the official Instagram, you can operate & enjoy multiple Instagram accounts from your phone simultaneously.

Is there any risk of getting banned while using this mod?

Since, this GB Insta apk plus is an anti-ban version. So, you don’t need to worry about it anymore.


I hope that you will find this article helpful. Now, you can enjoy amazing features of GB Insta gram apk & GB Instagram Plus GBINSTA+ from your phone without getting worried.

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