GB Instagram For IOS Download & Install [Step by Step Guide 2022]

Instagram, (commonly known as insta) is free of cost social networking application where people share their videos, stories and pictures with their followers and is owned by facebook. From the beginning it has gained massive following and popularity amongst the youngsters.

However, there is one feature of instagram that people don’t like much and that is its strict privacy policy that means people are not allowed to share pictures and videos of other users because Instagram ensures that the data of its users remains safe and secure. The only option users are left with is taking screenshot of the picture. Picture cropping and editing makes this process even more irritating.

There are several fake apps available currently on play store that claims to download images and videos from instagram. Instead of wasting time and energy on these fake apps, you should try GB instagram.

Insight of GB Instagram

gb instagram ios

GB Instagram is a customized version of Instagram as people wanted some modifications in Instagram related to their strict privacy policy. The original Instagram didn’t allow its users to share pictures and videos of other users. However; GB Instagram has got good news for all those users. Now you can easily download and save pictures, stories, and videos that too free of cost, not only this but GB insta has some added features as well that were not part of an original official application.

Installation of GB Instagram for IOS:

GB Insta mode is easy to use in android but unfortunately, it’s not accessible for users of IOS which is a downside for the users of IOS. However, there isn’t anything to stress over as there is a simple trick, by using this trick you can easily use GB instagram on IOS devices.

We are providing you a step by step information to download GB Instagram for IOS, so if you want to download GB Insta on your IOS device, it’s no more a problem.

Downloading and Installation of GB Instagram for IOS:

As it is already discussed earlier in the article that GB insta is not available for IOS which obviously is a stumbling block for IOS users but the good news is that you can still manage to enjoy GB Instagram on your IOS device by following some simple steps but before that make sure to uninstall the official Instagram application from your mobile phone to get it done correctly.

  • Visit tweakboxapp website
  • Keep in mind that the website should be open in safari only. Then hit the install button.
  • The profile will be downloaded. Now give permission if you want to download it.
  • Once done with the above steps, open your iPhone Settings>>general>>profiles.
  • Click on tweakboxapp profile and install it.
  • Once you are done with this, open tweakboxapp from your home screen.
  • Then click app>>tweaked apps.
  • You will find an app named Instagram Rocket (similar to GB insta)
  • Click the install button which will download the app for you.
  • Once the installation process is done, enjoy the unlimited fun and excitement of GB Instagram from your phone.

Features of GB Instagram for IOS:

The exciting and entertaining features of this mod of insta catch the attention of users to download and install this in their IOS devices. The salient features are discussed here,

  1.  Electrifying themes
  2. Customizable app
  3. Several accounts
  4. Sharing links
  5. Translation
  6. Update Notification
  7. No need to root
  8. Profile picture
  9. Download videos
  10. Saving comments
  11. Downloading Photos
  12. Downloading stories
  13. Sharing URL

GB Instagram for iOS

Electrifying themes:

One of the reason people like GB Instagram more is the access to exciting themes which official Instagram never offered. Themes can really add flavor to the app by making it more fun and entertaining. Plenty of themes are available with GB insta so there is nothing to worry about it anymore.

Customizable application:

The GB instagram apk is so user-friendly and easily modifiable that you can modify your home screen colors whenever you want. You can also modify your chat screen, notification screen, and home screen to make it a more enjoyable experience.

Several accounts:

Now, it’s no more a problem to operate both personal & professional accounts on the same device simultaneously because GB Instagram is providing you this platform to use multiple accounts together.

Sharing links:

You don’t need to waste your time taking screenshots & cropping the image because GB Instagram provides you a platform to share links of photos and videos with friends and family.


Another exciting feature of GB Instagram is a translation that enables you to keep in touch with friends and communicate with them comprehensively when they belong to another region with a different language. GB Instagram provides the translation in different languages like Arabic, Spanish, Turkish, English, Farsi, Italian, Hindi, French, German and Portuguese.

Update notification:

Every GB Instagram update is provided with more enhanced and improved features which make it more fun and exciting plus previously faced errors are removed in each update.

No need to root:

The requirement of the rooted device for operation is one of the problems with most modified applications. But thanks to this GB Instagram as it is no more an issue. This application can easily be used without root access.

Profile picture:

In the official version of the application, the profile picture of a person is not clearly visible, which sometimes create problem in identifying a person. This issue is resolved in GB Insta. Now, the profile pictures of others can be zoom easily.

Download videos:

The good news for IOS is that IOS users can now download videos from Instagram. What they have to do is, just download the GB Instagram and get the required video. Even if you are intended to download videos privately, it’s no more an issue now.

Saving Comments:

People who want to save comments and remarks of their loved ones on Instagram to cherish the memory later, we have got a solution in GB Instagram; these messages can be saved easily.

Downloading photos:

People love to post their pictures on social media so they post them on Instagram too. However, previously on Instagram official, it wasn’t allowed to share and download a picture. Luckily, GB Instagram has sorted out the issue, now you can download pictures by installing GB Instagram on any of your IOS devices.

Downloading stories:

GB Instagram for IOS is a good option if you actually want to share and download the stories from Instagram. GB allows its users to download the stories of other users.

Sharing URL’s:

If you wish to share the URL of your favorite pictures, videos & insta stories with your friends and family members, then you need not to worry. Unlike insta, Instagram GB allows you to share URLs with your loved ones through this updated version.

Some of the exciting features of GB Instagram are discussed above. However, these are not all. There are many other exciting features that will add fun and excitement to this GB insta app.


Comparison between GB Instagram IOS and Official Instagram:

Characteristic Instagram IOS GB Instagram IOS
View user’s stories anonymously No Yes
Saving stories No Yes


Saving pictures No Yes


Repost from newsfeed No Yes


Checking followers No Yes


Some Pros and Cons of GB insta IOS


  • People can view the stories of different users anonymously.
  • You can always confirm who is following you from their profile.
  • You can easily download pictures and videos to the gallery.
  • The images & videos can easily be re-posted from your feed.
  • Story images can also be saved in the gallery.


  • It’s not an official version of Instagram so there is always a security risk.
  • As compare to official Instagram, works slowly.


This article contains complete information about the GB, its exciting features, and step by step demonstration of its installation. I hope this article would be really helpful for you if you want to download GB Instagram on your IOS device.

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