How to Change Background Color on Instagram Story – (Expert’s Guide)

Are you facing difficulty enhancing the appearance of your Instagram story to engage more audience? Don’t worry. We are going to explain simple hacks that will be helpful for you. You will learn how to change the background on Instagram stories in the easiest way. 

The reason behind the matchless popularity of Instagram is the stories uploading feature of this app. Instagram was not much famous before this function. Stories give you numerous facilities to share your important announcements and engage people by using plenty of customization options. 

You may be one of them who wants to change the background color on Instagram stories but not aware of how to do it. But we are pretty much sure after reading our article, you will be familiar with every trick and tip to customize your Instagram story. 

How to Change Background color on Instagram Story

Instagram’s Stories feature the easiest way to share posts with your followers and interact with them — and you have way more options to decorate your posts than your grid options.

Changing the color of your Instagram Stories background is not as intuitive as adding stickers and changing your font since these features are located in prominent places.

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You can instantly boost your slides’ conversions by changing the slides’ background color on your Instagram story, but first, you have to master how to do it.

How to change the background on the Instagram story with a solid color

Like every other social media app, Instagram stories also have default colors when posting something to it. However, you can change that particular color according to your preferences and choices. If you don’t choose any color, stories will be posted with the default background color. 

How to change the background on the Instagram story with a solid color

Follow these steps to change the background color on the Instagram story:

  • Go to Instagram App
  • Open Instagram Stories
  • Capture a picture or record a video
  • There will e a brush icon, Click on it
  • Choose one color from the color palate
  • Tap on the screen for few seconds
  • All done to apply new background color to your Instagram story

Making Your Background More Interesting by Adding a Picture

Additional photos may also be added to a new background. Here’s how to do it: 

  1. Open the Photos app on your phone.
  2. To add an image, select it. 
  3. You will then see a menu at the bottom of your screen. Click ‘Copy Photo’ to proceed.
  4. Back on Instagram, your Story will still be open.
  5. You can add a sticker to this picture by clicking the ‘Add Sticker’ popup at the bottom left of the image.

How to Change the background of Instagram Story by adding a color tint

You can tint your Instagram Story using the following steps.

  1. Take a picture in Stories or upload one. 
  2. Click on the Pen icon. 
  3. The color dropper tool helps you select the color tint you prefer.
  4. Highlight the highlighted text by tapping the highlighter icon. 
  5. Depending on the version of your app, you may need to long-press the background to make it change.
  6. Then touch/long press again to get a darker shade. 
  7. Add a solid color by tapping/long-pressing a third time.

How to change background with a picture

The second choice to change the background of the Instagram story is to change the experience with an image instead of a solid flat color. This method is the same as creating a collage in Instagram posts. 

Let’s see how this method works?

  • Go to Instagram stories
  • Take a snap
  • Highlight with the help of a brush
  • Select a color
  • Tap on the screen for few seconds
  • The selected color will be set as background 
  • Open your images 
  • Copy the image that you want to set as background
  • Open up the stories again, and there should be a popup image at the bottom left corner of the screen that you have copied

How to add download picture to Instagram story

There is another way to change your story background other than flat, unattractive color. You can be more creative and excellent by uploading any picture from your downloaded folder as a background. 

Follow the below-mentioned steps to apply this method:

  • Go to Instagram and open stories
  • Swipe up
  • You will see the camera roll
  • Choose the background that you want to set
  • Add the selected item to your background

How to change the background on an Instagram story when sharing the post

It often happens that you like someone’s Story and transfers it to your wall. Instagram will change the background color of that Story. However, you can readjust that selected color if you want. 

  •  CLICK on the pencil icon to change the color of the shared post.
  •  Choose the desired color
  • The active background will appear when you tap it
  • Replace the existed color with the new one
  • Now you are ready to go

How to change the color of your Instagram story ring  

The rainbow-colored Story rings around some accounts’ Instagram Stories may have been one Pride Month feature you’ve noticed on Instagram. In the past, Instagram Story rings have had a gradient pink/orange hue, but now they have rainbow hues instead!

How to get a rainbow ring on Instagram:

Follow the below-mentioned steps to change get the rainbow ring on your Instagram story 

  1. On your Instagram, go to the story-adding feature.
  2. Choose the photo you wish to use in your Story.
  3. In the Instagram story, navigate to the sticker section and use any of the six stickers to post your picture.
  4. You can get rainbow rings around your profile pictures if you use any of these stickers.

Final Words:

How to Change Background Color on Insta Stories

Here we have discussed some aspects Instagram supports that can help you generate fascinating and well-branded messages for your stories. The Stories feature on Instagram is periodically improved, so we hope for more imaginative alternatives shortly too!

After you read this guide, you may be ready to edit your Instagram Story background! 

One of the most common reasons you might want to change the background color of your Instagram Story is to create brand-branded highlights!

Keep your Instagram Stories consistent with your brand and a splash of color!

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