How to Increase Instagram Followers Best Guide and Tips

How to Increase Instagram Followers: You spend hours editing a post for Instagram and share it with the hope of getting millions of likes and comments, but you only get a few likes and comments and low post reach. How will you feel? And what will you do to overcome this issue? You may be looking for ways to know about how to increase your Instagram followers. 

Many people use instant, but unfair paid means to increase your followers and boost your page. But it will not work for the long term as the Instagram algorithm updates and wipes off the accounts that use such methods. That’s why you should use the ways that are reliable and authentic. 

Instagram is the most widely used social media app to promote your business. But what if you are not getting a significant page reach or post engagements? You may need to apply some methods to boost your business. But do not go for fake likes, comments, and followers.

 It’s time to find out the ways to get long-term real organic followers. No matter if you have a huge number of followers, they are useless if they are not active and engaged and not making purchases. Here are some tips and ways to boost your profile, get a fan following, and post engagements. 

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Five Ways to Increase Instagram Followers

How to Increase Instagram Followers

1. Account Optimization

The best way to increase your Instagram followers is to optimize your account. If you have a fully optimized account, there are more chances of getting post likes, comments, followers. If you have created an Instagram page, write an engaging bio. If you don’t work on images, captions, bio, and profile image descriptions, how can people determine this brand is yours? 

If you are on Instagram, you should learn how to write a captivating and engaging bio. Linking your Instagram bio to your website is your only chance to drive traffic to your website, so optimizing it is vital. It is the organic way to get traffic from Instagram and boost your business. 

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2. Schedule Post Timing

It is not professional to share your posts on Instagram randomly. You must plan and schedule a time when to post on Instagram. You should avoid posting random content to Instagram if you want to gain followers. In the beginning, you can get users to follow you, but don’t forget that they did so in the first place. 

Make a consistent schedule for posting. For example, if you are posting a post per day, keep it consistent. Brands often do not post much to avoid spam. If you have a consistent strategy to post on Instagram, your followers will be aware that at this time, you will post. So, you will get more post reach and real likes, comments.

3. Sponsor User-Generated Content

Another best way to increase the followers is to get help from partners to post your content. On social media, your audience is your strength. So, you should realize the importance of them. The promotion of your business and sales depends upon the organic followers you get. A greater number of followers will result in more sales. 

Putting yourself in your followers’ faces and being present is the best way to motivate them to follow you. Having an active Instagram account is important, as is being present on other platforms. To get your brand on your customers’ feeds, you can sponsor user-generated content. Holding Instagram contests is another way to attract a wide following for your brand. 

4. Do Not Go For Fake Followers

If you think that having fake followers can bring you traffic, you are wrong. Fake followers can’t compete with real organic followers. There are many ways to buy fake followers, but they are not reliable. Instagram will remove them when they find your account doing unusual activities. That’s why you should build trust and urge people to follow you for a long-term relationship. 

5. Promote your Instagram Account

Without any Instagram campaigns, how will people know about your brand? So, try to link your Instagram with your business website and other social media networks to promote your account. If you remain active on social media platforms and often visible to people, there are more chances to grab users’ attention towards your brand. 


We have discussed the best ways to help you increase your Instagram followers. Summarizing our discussion, we are sure that you are now aware of getting real followers instead of fake ones. So, if you want to promote your brand and boost your business, try these tricks!

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