Sharing YouTube Video on Instagram (Ultimate Guide)

Are you looking for any tips or tricks to know how to share YouTube videos on Instagram? YouTube is nowadays a much popular platform where we spend most of the time. 

It is the next most significant search engine after Google. Humans spend almost one billion hours of the day watching videos on YouTube. This is a huge number if you ponder over it.

 When you are watching videos on YouTube and find something that you think is the best content to target Instagram’sInstagram’s audience, what will you do? You will indeed search for a way to share that YouTube video on Instagram.

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Sharing YouTube Video on Instagram

Most people think that sharing YouTube videos on Instagram is a challenge or almost impossible to do so. This is because Instagram is not allowing its users to share links from any other platform. 

But you don’t need to worry. We will show you how you can post a YouTube video on Instagram.

Post a YouTube video to Instagram

Sharing videos from YouTube is not an impossible thing now. All you need just follow simple steps and your video will share on instagram.  We are going to explain the process, which is pretty simple to understand. 

Follow the below mentioned three steps for sharing youtube video in instagram

  1. Download YouTube video
  2. Convert downloaded file
  3. Upload YouTube video to Instagram

  Download YouTube video 

As posting YouTube videos on Instagram starts from this step, you should know about downloading YouTube videos. There are many simple ways to download YouTube videos. 

You can use some third-party apps for this purpose or can follow any other trick to download the video. The methods of downloading video are vary based upon the device which you are using. Let’s see step by step how you can complete this task. 

How to download a YouTube video on PC?

On the internet you will find hundreds of ways to download youtube videos on PC. But the most accessible is the 4K video downloader. This software is free and has many options to download the videos.

So, you can download the entire playlist or 360-degree or 3D videos. When the downloading is done, mark the check box launch and then click the finish. 

 How to download a YouTube video on iPhone?

Since downloading the video is a bit tricky on iPhones and iPads but yet it’s possible. There are numerous ways to do so, but it is simple to install the Documents by Readdle app on your phone.

  • First open the app and tap on the compass icon. 
  • Paste the copied YouTube link in the search box and click on download. 
  • Choose the preferred video quality.
  • Next, enter a name and select the location for the video. 
  • Just in seconds your video will download on your iPhone.

How to download YouTube videos on android devices?

The downloading of youtube videos on an android device is as easy as pie. You only need to install an app, and you are all done.

  • Install the TubeMate.apk on your android device. 
  • Open the app and select YouTube or directly search for a YouTube video from the search box. 
  • You will see a green downloading button below the video click on it and choose the desired video quality.
  •  You will get a notification when the downloading is done.  

Convert Downloaded File

After downloading the video, now it’s time to edit it according to Instagram’s policies. You may be aware that the Instagram video limit is a maximum of one minute.

So, if you have a file larger than one-minute duration, you may have to cut it to post on Instagram. There is multiple software that can be helpful for this purpose. 

On PC, the simplest of all is Wondershare Filmora. You can use this software on iPhone and Android devices also. 

Upload YouTube video on Instagram 

Here comes the final step of sharing a YouTube video on Instagram.

  • First, place the modified video on your camera roll.
  • Next, launch the Instagram app and click on the + icon from the app toolbar located at the bottom of the screen.
  • Select the video from the library which you want to post on Instagram.
  • Then click on Next and proceed further. 
  • Now you can add a description to your post and add hashtags to reach a broad audience range. 
  • That’s all you reached your destination.

How to link a YouTube video on the Instagram story?

Instagram stories are one of the most important ways to keep your audience engaged with you. Further, stories can increase your fan following incredibly. We will show you here that you can add a link to your story to reach more fans. 

Simple steps to add a link to the Instagram story:

One thing you should keep in mind that you can only add links to your story when you have 10,000 followers. 

  • Select or mark the photo or video which you want to upload
  • You will see a chain like an icon on the top of the screen; tap on it.
  • Tap +URL
  • Paste the URL which you want to attach
  • Click on Done in the upper right corner.

Once the story uploading is finished, your fans will have access to the site which you have attached.

 Now you might be thinking here that what to do if you don’t have 10k flowers. No worries, we have the trick to solve this problem also. 

If you have followers less than 10k, then the only way to attach a link is to paste it in your bio. 

These are some steps by which you can add a link to your bio on instagram. 

  • Open your Instagram profile and click on the edit profile.
  • You will see a textbox named the website. Paste the link here which you want to add.
  • Write something relevant to link in your bio that your fans get the attention of.
  • Click on add story and upload an image or video.
  • There is a sticker icon on the top of the screen, tap on it.
  • Click on the @Mention sticker.
  • Enter your handle here, and you are done.

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