What font does Instagram use in Text and Stories & Website?

Instagram is getting popular day by day as compared to other social media platforms. It is because the developers have worked a lot to make better visualization of the app content. We will discuss today what font does Instagram uses.

The text of messages and captions seem very pleasant and attractive. There is more than one font that Instagram uses. But mainly, they are focusing on the Prisma Nova family.

This font is awesome in appearance. It looks pretty simple and nice. When an app is at its peak of fame, this is the need of the hour to keep everything up to date according to its user’s needs.

That’s why Instagram’s developers are paying special heed to bring more precision in this app to target more audiences.

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What font does Instagram use?

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Font appearance may vary according to the operating system where you use this app. For example, if you open Instagram on IOS devices, you will see Freight Sans font and Niue Helvetian. While on the Android devices, there is a combination of Roboto and Fright. Similarly, if you are using the Instagram web version, you will see Proxima Nova font there for every purpose.

We will look in-depth at the font types which Instagram is using right now:

Proxima Nova Font

Proxima Nova font was released in 2005 by Mark Simonson. This font type is a very famous typeface. You can say this font type is the combination of Futura and Akzidenz Grotesk having some modern additions in it.

There are seven weights of this font type. These are thin, light, regular, semi bold, bold, black, and extra bold. The text written in Proxima Nova looks beautiful. So, get yours now and make your writing shining.

Roboto font

The robot is a vital and commonly used font. It is the default font of android. This font type was released in 2011. There are three variants of Roboto: Latin, Greek, and Cyrillic characters.

It has many font weights which you can choose according to your need. This is one of the simple fonts, which is good to see.

Freight Sans font

If you want to use a simple font type, then Freight Sans could be the best choice. You will feel happy to see how good it’s looking. This font type is good to use for book writings. 

Neue Helvetica

Neue Helvetica is a famous font type designed by Max Miedinger. This font type belongs to well-known typefaces in the world. Mainly this font is being used in writing shop names, tech companies, public signage, and iPhone logos.

What fonts does Instagram use for stories?

Instagram stories are one of the best features to attract an audience towards some special content. We can say that the popularity of Instagram is almost due to its story upload function.

According to stats, almost 500 million users are uploading stories per day which is a considerable number.

San Francisco font is used in Instagram stories if you are using it on IOS. However, you will see Roboto on android devices. This font was designed by Apple Inc. in 2014.


This font type belongs to Sans-serif typeface and a modern release by Apple over 20years. You will feel the touch of Helvetica font in San Francisco. Moreover, there is very little difference between these two font types.

The letters in San Francisco are of round shape, while in Helvetica, they are flat. This font is best to use in apple devices like apple smartwatches.

The Instagram logo uses a custom script typeface. A handwritten text by Denver, a co-based agency. The current logo is more perfect than the previous one. The previous logo was using a Billabong calligraphy style font. It was hard to read. 

What font does Instagram use for typing?

There are different font types that are being used in the Type mode of Instagram. All types vary based upon the devices which you are using. The main font for type mode is Aveny-T. You will use San Francisco italic bold for the IOS and Roboto black on Android devices.

Final Words

Concluding our article, we hope that you will now understand the Instagram font sizes. If you have any queries or want to share anything with us feel free to ask in the comment section. Don’t forget to share the article with your friends and family members.

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