What is Dropshipping and How to Start Dropshipping?

A dropshipping business is simple.

When your store sells an item, the order is transferred to a third party( your supplier), who also vessels it directly to the paperback. You do n’t have to touch the product, and you only pay for what you vend — freeing you from force operation headaches.

Thanks to results like Shopify, it only takes a day or two to launch a dropshipping website, source products, and vend them to the world.

Don’t believe me?

In this companion, you ’ll learn all about chancing a niche, sourcing products for your request, and the step- by- step process of starting a Shopify dropshipping website — plus, you ’ll see exemplifications of successful dropshippers and regard the redundant tools they ’re using to run their businesses.

Why Is Shopify Good for Dropshipping?
While there are several ecommerce results out there that can power your dropshipping business, Shopify continues to be one of the most popular platforms for merchandisers. That’s because Shopify is

Dropshipper-friendly. One of the stylish effects about Shopify is that the platform is friendly with results specifically made for dropshipping. One illustration is its indefectible integration with Oberlo( read our full Oberlo review), a dropshipping tool that works simply with Shopify.
Packed with great features. Shopify offers all the features you need for erecting an ecommerce business( not just a website). Plus, in addition to its complete array of native functionalities, you can install a great variety of third- party apps from their business to gauge your store.
Easy to use. Shopify is one of the most stoner-friendly results out there. It may be packed with features and functionalities, but it does n’t get inviting. The company does an excellent job guiding merchandisers on using its software with attendants, blogs, and a help center.
All- in- one. Shopify removes a lot of the way needed to make an ecommerce business, similar as using a web hosting service for your website, dealing with dropshipping suppliers tête-à-tête, managing force source, designing your online store with law, and much further. The hedge of entry for starting a dropshipping business is as low as possible with Shopify.
This means, using Shopify for dropshipping is a smart idea. With all the time and trouble you ’re saving for yourself, it’s effortless for anyone to do it.

What You Need Before Starting a Dropshipping Store with Shopify
Given all the benefits of using Shopify for your dropshipping business, the stuff you need in order to launch a store are veritably many and do n’t bear important investment or specialized chops.

1. A Profitable Niche
The first step to erecting a dropshipping business is figuring out what you ’re dealing and who your target guests are. In other words, you need to find a feasible niche.

A practical advice is to choose a strong niche that you ’re authentically interested in and has high demand, but that also has openings for being competitive so you can make gains.

You need to probe a product’s demand, fashionability, and profitability. While also fastening your sweats on the areas you ’re authentically interested in.

For illustration, if you work out and do yoga, you can probe the health and fitness space to see what particulars are dealing. Then’s how you can find products and validate their demand

Figure Eschewal If Your Niche is Profitable
Product fashionability is a good sign, but you still want to make gains at the end of the day.

Before you launch your dropshipping business, run the figures to gauge the profitability of anitem.However, shipping freights, marketing, If you include the cost of doing business.

This means you want to look for low- cost, largely- demanded products that you can vend at decoration prices.

For illustration, You can probe the noncommercial prices of leggings by running some quests on supplier websites like Oberlo and AliExpress. Grounded on these websites, the prices for leggings range from around$ 4 to$ 11.
Now, leggings prices can vary a lot. Lululemon’s price range, for illustration, is from$ 98 to$ 148, while lower- end stores similar as Target vend leggings at prices ranging from$ 10 to$ 21.

In this case, you can vend leggings for$ 25 or further depending on their quality, which is further than double of the product price. Which means it’s profitable.

When following a analogous process, you can calculate your gains using Shopify’s Gross Profit Margin Calculator to calculate your gross gains.

Determine Your Target Request
Once you ’re clear about your product’s demand and profitability, you need to learn who’s buying those products.

For this, you need to do some client exploration and ask yourself

Where do my ideal guests live?
What do they do? Who do they follow? What shapes their beliefs and actions?
What do they say on social media? What keywords do they use constantly?
What are their pains, beliefs, and solicitations?
What are their thinking patterns? What triggers them to buy?
How can you get attention from guests?
Who are your challengers, and what are they doing to vend their products?
There’s no offer without demand, so it’s essential to know who you’re trying to help with your products if you want to truly grow a business.
Use Software to Validate Your Request
When it comes to client exploration, noway assume anything. Have exchanges with implicit guests to understand them, use keyword exploration tools to determine where the demand comes from, and exploration checks or studies online that validate your reservations.

You need data to understand your target followership and validate that your product has a demand. For this, there ’re online exploration tools similar as SparkToro or Audiense that you can use to determine

Who your followership is following on social media.
Their demographics.
The podcasts they hear to.
Youtube channels they ’re subscribed to.
Websites they visit.
The words, hashtags, and expressions they constantly use to describe themselves or their problems.
2. Dropshipping App
A dropshipping app integrates your Shopify store with your supplier’s platform to automatically make orders and fulfill your deals. It’s through your dropshipping tools that you’ll find suppliers and products that are worth dealing.

Once you have a prospective niche and a clear idea of the type of products you ’re going to vend, choosing the right dropshipping tools is necessary to move forward. You want to find a dropshipping app that

Has a great diversity of products in your niche keyword( For illustration, the keyword “ t- shirt ” covers nearly horizonless types of products).
Integrates with Shopify seamlessly.
Have a roster of suppliers located near your target request for a shorter shipping time.
It fits the deals and marketing channels you plan to use.
Fulfills orders automatically, or at least makes it easy.
It gives you access to high- quality products and dropshipping providers that are easy to work with( or who do n’t need any communication).
Allows you to offer a shorter shipping time.
Supports abatements for seasonal events, triggers, and any other condition.
Has a clear policy for refunds and returns.
Let you get product samples and fair offers.
A) Oberlo
Oberlo is a Shopify- possessed dropshipping app, so Oberlo’s integration with the platform is as easy and flawless as it can be.

When you navigate to your “ Products ” menu and click “ Find further products to vend, ” Shopify automatically takes you to the Oberlo app because it’s the dereliction dropshipping tool.

Some of Oberlo’s key features include

Easy import of dropship products straight to your Shopify store.
Order fulfillment is handled directly by Oberlo, so you noway have to touch or manage force.
Get automatic updates of order amounts and pricing directly from your roster of suppliers.
Product customization features so you can modify product names, descriptions, and images.
Automated pricing features for setting up product pricing rules and managing prices in bulk.
Payload shadowing so you can keep tabs on all orders.
Multiple druggies support so you can bring in a platoon to help you run your store.
Find being products that you ’re presently dealing on Oberlo.
B) Printful
Printful is a dropshipping result specifically made for businesses that operate on a print- on- demandmodel.However, mugs, and bills, If you ’re dealing original designs and artwork published on wares like vesture.

Then are Printful’s key features

No outspoken yearly freights and no force costs.
Automatic and flawless integration with Shopify, all orders are transferred directly to Printful for fulfillment.
Whitelabel service and access to contrivers and shutterbugs.
Fluently produce mockups with Printful’s mockup creator and mockup prints.
Product photography services, in which they takepro-grade prints that you can upload to your store.
Printful- possessed storehouse and fulfillment installation so you can anticipate thickness with order quality and fulfillment.

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