Download GB Instagram MOD APK 2022 – Latest Version [V3.91]

If you are a fan of GB Instagram and spend most of your time here, you are familiar with the strict privacy of Instagram. Instagram does not allow its users to save pictures, videos, or stories of other users, which is annoying sometimes.

You can only take a screenshot of a picture and then crop it for further use, which is time-consuming. We don’t have time for that, and doing this extremely reduces the quality of the picture. Still, by using this method, you can only save pictures, not videos.

So what is the solution to this problem? Well, now you can save your favorite pictures, stories, and videos by using an amazing application called GB apk.

What is GB Instagram 2022?

You are familiar with Instagram. It is trending on top and is preferred by common people and a choice of celebrities and influencers because of its privacy policy. To enhance your experience with Instagram GB, the Instagram app is here to help you.

You might want to change some official application features, but there is no way you might want to download your favorite videos, which is also not possible, so what to do? GB App apk can help you with all these things.

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Instagram mod apk is a modified version of the official application. Members of GBmods develop it. It comes up with many exciting features that make it a better choice, even compared to the Instagram application.

GB Instagram Features

Using the Instagram mod apk, you can save pictures and videos and enjoy some other features that are not a part of the official application. Let’s have a look at some of the features of GB Insta, and you will know what I am talking about:

Exciting Themes

The Instagram application does not allow you to choose many options for app themes. And we all want to change in life. Themes can make an application fun and exciting. Tons of themes are developed day by day to make this instagram apk more fun and exciting. So there is no need to worry about themes.


A Customizable Application

GB Instagram

Instagram apk is a highly customizable application. You can change your home screen colors the way you want. You can also change, chat screen, notification screen, comment screen, and home screen. Your app will look more fun.

Copy bio and Comments

Due to strict privacy, you cannot copy the comments and bios of others even if you really like them. Fortunately, it is not an issue with GB Instagram. You can easily copy comments and bio if you like their biography.

Multiple Accounts

If you have more than one account like personal and business accounts, this mod version of insta is a perfect option for you. You can log in from both accounts on the same device at the same time.

Watching Stories Secretly

GB Instagram

Stories are the most favorite part of Instagram; people love to upload stories about what they are doing in their routine life. When you watch someone’s story, another person can check who is watching his story. But this allows you to hide it.

This way, you can secretly watch the publisher’s stories, and he will know at all whether you have watched their story or not.

Sharing Links

You can copy and share links to your favorite pictures and videos with your loved ones. It is a beneficial feature where you don’t have to save the picture, you can just share the link, and another person can view it by clicking on the link you shared.


It is another amazing feature of GB application, especially when you have friends from other countries. You can translate the comments of others easily and understand what they are talking about.

You can convert comments in different languages including,

  • Arabic
  • Spanish
  • English
  • Farsi
  • Turkish
  • Italian
  • Hindi
  • French
  • German
  • Portuguese

New Updates

It also offers Instagram app GB updates every time the official application gets updated. In every GB, Instagram updates previous errors are removed, and new features are introduced to make it more exciting.

No Need to Root

The problem with most modified applications is that they require a rooted device to operate. It is not an issue with GB’s Instagram apk. You can use this application without root access.

No Need to Worry about Banning

In some cases, when you use the moded application to log in, your account can get banned as these applications are not official. But up to now, no such issue has been reported. Hopefully, there will be no such issue in the future too.

Profile Picture

In the official application, you cannot clearly view a person’s profile picture, making it difficult to identify a person sometimes. This issue can be resolved with GB Insta; you can easily zoom the profile pictures of others.

Notification Counter

This Mod application allows you to view many notifications received from different images or stories. You can also know who is viewed, shared, or saved your video or images.

Other Features

Initially, it did not have a video call feature, but the new version comes up with this feature so you can now connect with your friends via video call. It also supports IGTV; you can tag your friends on stories, send voice notes, and much more.

Another feature that makes it a perfect option is that audio and video are synchronized. Audio starts when the video starts. The best feature is you can download pictures, videos and stories.

Downloading and Installing GB Insta

Using Instagram is fun even with some restrictions, but if these restrictions are removed, you can have even more fun, and that’s what GB Insta offers you.

To benefit from this application, you have first to download and then install it, which is a piece of cake. All you need is a smartphone or PC, and you are good to go.

Requirements for Downloading Instagram App GB Apk

Before GB APK downloads, you need to take care of a few things. Here are some requirements that need your attention so that you can comfortably enjoy GB Insta app download:

  • To enjoy this application, you need to uninstall the official application first; otherwise, you will face some issues. There will be no problem once the original application is uninstalled.
  • Before downloading the application, check its size and make sure that there is enough space on your device. It is a light application, so it will not be a big issue.
  • Before installing, the application will ask for some permissions regarding access to device resources, for instance, media, gallery, contacts, internet connection, phone identity, etc. Grant access carefully.
How you can download GB Instagram?

How you can download GB App Instagram?

As mentioned above, GB Insta App download is not that difficult, so there is not much to do for you. The best thing about this application is that it is free of cost, so you don’t have to worry about that too.

GB Instagram is not developed or launched by original developers of Instagram but is launched by third-party developers on private servers. It is not on the play store as the original Instagram application.

There are plenty of play store applications to allow you to download files like images and videos from Instagram. But most of these are fake and also affect the activity of your device. So considering these applications is just a waste of time.

You can download it via different links available on the internet on your iOS, Android or Windows device. Just click on the Download button, and you are good to go. After a few minutes, an APK file will be downloaded on your device.

How you can install GB Instagram?

Before installing, you need to take care of one thing. Most Android devices usually do not allow downloading files from unknown resources. It is their default setting. But don’t worry, you can change it in Settings. You just need to enable installing files from Unknown sources.

Here are simple steps to install GB Instagram:

  • After enabling this setting to find the APK file on your device, open it and click on the install button.
  • A new window will open, where you will be asked for permissions and grant access to all resources.
  • The installation will start automatically, wait for a while, and install the application on your device.
  • Now open the application, launch it and create your account.

You have now successfully installed Instagram app; you can use it and enjoy your favorite application.

Difference between Instagram and GB Instagram

Here are some major differences between Instagram and GB Instagram:

Instagram GB Instagram
Does not allow you to download pictures, videos, or stories You can easily download pictures, videos, and stories
Does not allow you to copy bio comments of other users You cannot copy the bio or comments of other users
Does not allow you to hide your view from other’s stories You can hide your view from other’s stories
It only has two themes available for users You will get a lot of themes including dark them and other colorful themes
It is not customizable It is highly customizable
You cannot zoom profile pictures of others It allows you to zoom in pictures of other users
Option for translating comments is not available You can translate comments of others
You can only use one account You can use multiple accounts

Information about GB Instagram

GB Instagram apk is a remarkable application to enhance your fun. You might be curious to know about its latest version, application size, and android version required. So to make it easy for you here is general information about the latest GB Instagram mode apk application:

App Name GB Insta
Android Version 4.3+
Total Downloads 4,000,000+
App Size 38.9 Mb
Version Name 1.70
Main Purpose Instagram App with Extra Features

Updates of GB Instagram

The best thing about this application is that developers keep on providing updates of this application to remove slight bugs in the previous version and introduce new, more fun features. In the latest version developers have tried to increase compatibility and graphics. It was an issue in older versions, as these versions were not compatible with most of the devices. In the latest version, it is even easier to download pictures and videos. You can do this with just one click.

GB Instagram for PC

Not all of us like spending all our time on a mobile phone. Some of us when finding some time to relax, like scrolling on PC. So what if someone wants to use GB Instagram on PC? Well, that is possible; you can download this application easily on your PC.

The best point of using GB Instagram on PC is that you never run out of space so you can save a lot of videos and pictures without worrying about memory issues.

Read More about gb Instagram for PC

GB Instagram is basically an application to use on the phone, but you can download it on your device via emulator. Emulator allows you to use any mobile application on your PC with ease. BlueStacks is one of the best emulators to use for such purposes.

Here are simple steps that you can follow to download BlueStacks on your PC:

  • Visit and tap on “Download BlueStacks” this way you can download the latest version of the emulator.
  • When downloading is completed, launch the installer, and it will start installing the application.
  • Wait until it is done after the installation is completed, it will be launched automatically.

How to download?

GB Insta download on your PC is as simple as downloading it on your Android phone. You just need to follow some simple steps, and you are good to go.

Here are these simples that you can follow to download this application:

  • Download the emulator by following the steps mentioned above.
  • Once the emulator is downloaded, the rest is easy.
  • Find a trustworthy link to Download GB Instagram for PC and click on the Download button.
  • Once it is done, drag and drop the file to the emulator, and it will automatically start the installation.

GB Instagram for iOS

Using mode apk is easy on android, but it is not available to use on iOS, which is a drawback for iOS users. But there is nothing to worry about as you can use it on iOS by using a small trick.

See the full Guide about Gb Instagram for IOS

Here are some simple steps to follow if you want to use GB on iOS:

  • Download and then install an Android Emulator on your iOS device so that you can use it on iOS.
  • After Android Emulator is downloaded on your device, you have to download GB Instagram apk file from a trustworthy link.
  • Add this APK file to Android Emulator.
  • It will be automatically installed on your iOS device.
  • Enjoy using it on your iPhone.

How to login?

Now you have downloaded and installed this amazing application on your current device what is next? You want to use it and enjoy all the exciting features.

Let me tell you one thing it is just like using the Instagram application only difference is you get more features to have more fun and can modify it the way you want.

If you are among new users and have the latest updated version on your device, you need to first log in. Logging in to is not so difficult. You just need to follow the simple steps mentioned below, and you are good to go. So let’s have a look:

  • You must have a supported device to enjoy this application; it could be iOS, Android, or PC depending on what device you find comfortable to use and a reliable internet connection.
  • Secondly, you cannot use GB Instagram mode apk if you have the official application installed on your device, so you have to uninstall it. Then install the GB application.
  • After that, you will see three lines icon at the top right corner of the screen ta on this icon.
  • From here, tap on the Settings icon and then on the account option.
  • After that, click on the switch to a professional account. You will be given two options, “Business” and “Creator”, you can choose the option you want.
  • This way, you can log in to your GB Instagram application.

If you do not have an account on Instagram, you can sign up. Signing up to the GB, Instagram is straightforward. It is just like creating a new account on the official Instagram application. You need to add asked information, and you are good to go. You can enjoy the application.

Technical Information Instagram Apk Mod
GB Instavs.GB Insta+; two amazing applications

GB Instagram comes up with two different but amazing modified versions: GB Insta and GB Insta+. You will see the “+” sign when you will install GB Insta+ APK file on your device. There is a remarkable difference between these APK files. Let me explain the difference between these applications for you so that you can decide on your own what is better for you.

GB Insta

It is a modified version that can be used in place of Instagram. Its package name is com.GBInsta, which makes it easy to identify. The best thing about it is that you can download it on your device without uninstalling the Instagram application.

It is because the package name of GB Insta is different from the Instagram application. Another quality of this GB Insta is that it allows you to use two different accounts at the same time on the same device without any issue.

You can use one account for business purposes and others for personal use. In the above sections, I have mentioned how you can download and install it on your device in detail.

GB Insta+

It is a different version of the moded application of Instagram. The package name of this mod apk file is com. Instagram. You see that the package name of this application and official application are the same, so you cannot have both applications on your device simultaneously. You have to uninstall the original application to use GB Insta+.

check the full separate article about gb insta plus apk

If you have GB Insta+ in your device you cannot use two different Instagram accounts on the same device in that case GB Insta is a better option I would say. Still, it is your choice what you prefer depending on your needs.

Increasing Followers on GB

Instagram is the most trending application among influencers. They all prefer connecting with people on Instagram, as they find it secure and fun. Moreover, Instagram has provided influencers worldwide with a lot of opportunities to grow their audience and reach maximum users.

They can also keep track of their own activities on Instagram and how these activities are affecting others. The main thing is that it is an official application, and Instagram gb is not an official application. But that does not mean you cannot grow your profile on GB. You can do it over moded apk even better.

With the start of 2021, developers of this amazing GB Instagram mode apk have launched a new version. It was possible to download photos, stories and videos previously via mod apk, but with Insta GB update, it is now possible to increase your followers too.

The best part is it is not that difficult all you need is to follow some tips and tricks, and you can grow your followers. Here are some useful tips for you that can help you in growing your audience:

  • It is clear that people have celebrity crushes; they really praise celebrities and follow them on every social media platform you can use this in your benefit. For instance, you can change your profile name with the name of your favorite celebrity.
  • Did you change your profile name? That’s brilliant! Now download videos and images from the celebrity pages and repost this content from your profile.
  • If you have done that too rest is easy. Promote your profile on other social media platforms or make such accounts on other platforms too. This way, you can attract more followers.
  • Also share some facts about that particular celebrity; it will engage the users to your posts.
  • Makes sure to comment on different posts on Instagram it will also increase your followers.

Everything needs time to grow, so you need to show patience. If results are not like you were expecting that does not mean you are a failure, you just need to be consistent and spend as much time as possible on Instagram to show that you are an active user. It will also help in increasing your followers on GB Insta mode apk.

Dark themes of GB Insta

I don’t know about you, but I am really a dark theme lover. It makes everything so interesting and fun. GB App Instagram mode apk also has Dark themes available which makes it a perfect choice. There are several benefits of using a dark theme for Instagram.

For instance, it is an excellent battery saver; moreover, you also do not have to worry about eye-straining issues. A lot of people like dark themes but most of them do not know how to do so. If you are one of them you are at the right place here I am going to share how you can set a dark theme on Insta GB, so let’s get started:

  • You need to download and install the GB  apk mod by following the steps mentioned above.
  • Secondly, if you already have an account, log in, if not sign up for a new account.
  • Then, click on the profile icon and tap on settings.
  • Here you will see themes options, click on them and start downloading themes.
  • You will see different themes here choose the one with black color and download it.
  • You will now see a small popup screen with the ok option, click on it, and restart the application.
  • After the application is restarted, you will see a dark theme in your application. Enjoy!

Visit here to See the Complete Guide about Gb Instagram Theme

You can use dark themes not only on android but on different devices. So if you want to enjoy dark mode or dark theme on your different devices, you can easily do this. Just stay with us, and we will let you know how you can enjoy dark mode on iOS and Samsung devices.

Dark theme for iOS Device

Initially, it was not possible to use a dark theme on an iOS device, but it is not an issue anymore as a new version has been launched by developers.

If you want to enjoy dark mode on your iOS device, you need to download the Instagram update version on the supported iOS device. After installing this version, the dark theme will be activated automatically.

Dark theme for Samsung Devices

Instagram users do not use one device as they have to use different devices for uploading pictures and videos for various reasons like space issues etc. The GB Insta update version supports several devices. So, you can easily use instagram update dark mode on your Samsung device.

The best thing about using it on a Samsung device is that you do not have to use a separate extension to activate night mode on your device. The basic reason behind this is that it comes with night mode. By following these simple steps, you can easily activate the night mode:

  • At first, you need to open the browser on your Samsung device and then tap on the three-dot icon on the top right corner of your screen.
  • You will be directed to the main menu after tapping.
  • Here you will see the “Turn on Night Mode” option, enable it and you are good.
  • After that, click on the three dots icon again and you will be directed to settings and then accessibility. here click on the option of “high contrast mode.”
  • This will activate the dark mode, now all you need is to log in to your Instagram account, and you can enjoy your favorite dark mode of Instagram.

Instagram GB XDA

Well, now you are familiar with GB but let me tell you one thing Insta GB has various versions for you. GB Insta XDA is one of them.

Every mod application has its own benefits and restrictions, but these moded apps are certainly better than the Instagram application in terms of features.

GB Insta 2022 is an excellent application to download stories, photos, videos and comments. This is an updated version that comes up with a lot of quality features to make your experience fun.

Here are the main quality features of GB Instagram XDA that make it a perfect choice:

  • This updated version allows you to set a dark theme which is a priority of most users, including me.
  • It is also possible to copy comments or profile bio in it.
  • You can easily make two different Instagram accounts one for personal use and one for business purposes.
  • Any image, story, or video can be downloaded by using this version of Instagram.
  • You can set the color of the main screen, notification screen, home screen, and also profile according to your desire. It is a highly customizable application.
  • Additionally, it is completely safe and secure for every user.

How to download Instagram Videos?

Videos on every social media platform are an excellent way to enjoy and get entertained during free time. Some of us have this great craze of collecting videos that they want to save every video they find on any platform.

Sometimes a video is a bit long, and we don’t have much time to watch it so we prefer saving it so that we can watch it offline during our free time.

Instagram is a really trendy application these days. People from all around the world use Instagram for sharing videos and pictures with their followers. The privacy of the Instagram application is rigorous, so you cannot download videos there, which is somehow good and bad at the same time.

What if you really like a video and want to save it so that you can share it on other social media platforms? No, you can’t. You will probably see a lot of tricks on the internet to download these videos, but not all of these are good enough.

Here I am going to share a handy trick to download your favorite videos via GB Instagram Mod apk:

  • Download this Mod APK on your device via a trustworthy link using the simple steps mentioned above.
  • After that, you need to login into your Instagram account, if you do not have one already create a new one.
  • On the top right corner of every video you will see three dots, click here, and you will see the “Download” option appear on the post.
  • It will start downloading the video, and you can open it from your gallery. Enjoy your videos.

If you are worried about safety and security issues regarding downloading Instagram videos on Instagram GB, you don’t have to. It is because it has the same license as the Instagram application.

Additionally, I have been using this GB Insta Mod application for several months now and have never faced any such issue.

So I would totally recommend you to download your favorite videos from GB Instagram Mod apk. You can also download videos on your PC via G B. Just follow the same steps mentioned above, and you are good to go.

How to download Instagram Photos in 2022?

We all love to share photos and videos on social media platforms with our friends and followers; it makes us feel connected to them. Although there are plenty of social media platforms to share photos with followers, Instagram has its own level of excellence that no platform can beat.

It is the first choice for most users as it has some really fun and exciting features. But again on the Instagram application, there is no option to save pictures.

If you liked a meme and wanted to share it on Facebook or some other platform, you cannot do this as you cannot save that picture. But do not worry by using some tricks it is possible to do so.

Millions of people use Instagram to share their pictures and consider it as one of the best social media platforms. But they also want to save pictures they like on Instagram.

If you are one of them, you are in the right place. People usually do not know how to do this, but I will tell you here how you can easily save your favorite Instagram pictures.

So here is the best method to download your favorite Instagram pictures:

  • Download GB app Insta Mod APK on your device and log in to your Instagram account.
  • On the top right corner of every photo you will see three dots, click here, and you will see the “Download” option appear on the post.
  • It will start downloading the photos, and you can open them from your gallery. Enjoy your favorite photos and memes.

People have been using different methods to download pictures from Instagram. To check the feasibility of these methods, I have also tried many, but none of these methods were suitable. I find GB Insta mod apk method one of the best to download pictures and videos with one click.

So if you are looking for a reliable method to save Instagram pictures, I will strongly recommend you to try Instagram mod apk for this purpose.

Using it, you cannot only save pictures on your smartphone but also on your PC, which is brilliant as some of us prefer using Instagram on PC because of internal space issues of smartphones.

How to download Instagram Stories?

We all know that Instagram is a viral social media application, especially among influencers. But do you know what the trendiest feature of Instagram is? Well, let me tell you, “Instagram Stories” are very popular among all the features Instagram has to offer.

On Instagram posts, you prefer sharing a really perfect picture of yours or your product. But using stories, you can share behind the scene activities, random videos, and pictures or what you are currently doing. It is like an additional opportunity to share your common routine life with your followers.

But you will face the same issue with stories as you faced with pictures and videos, you cannot save them even if you really like it.

Instagram does not allow you to do so. But don't worry, you can do so using some alternate ways. Here I am going to share the best method to download Instagram Stories:

  • Download GB Insta Mod APK on your device and login to your Instagram account.
  • Now open the GB Instagram application and click on the story tab.
  • On the top right corner of every story, you will see three vertical dots, click here, and you will see the "Download" option appear on the story.
  • It will start downloading the story, and you can open them from your gallery. Enjoy your favorite photos and memes.

Reposting option on Instagram

On Facebook, it is easy to share someone else's post; you just click on the share button if the post is not private, and you are good to go. But it is a little tricky on Instagram.

We all love to repost videos and pictures from others on our account if we like them. The problem is most people do not know how to use the repost option. If you are one of them too, you are in the right place.

Now the problem is there are plenty of applications available that you can use for this purpose free of cost. So you need to be very careful while choosing a reliable application. For this purpose, you need to be aware of your needs.

If you want to get original followers and want many of them, reposting is really helpful for you. Repost applications allow you to download videos and pictures from other celebrity pages and then can repost them on your account.

This way, people will visit your account to view these posts, and they will also follow you, which will increase the number of followers on your account.

Additionally, you can read reviews of different applications available on the internet and choose the best one for you. To increase the number of followers, you can also consider buying followers. But it would be better if you win followers fair and square.

Instagram Mod APK-does it worth installing?

Instagram is the most popular social media platform that allows you to connect with your friends and followers. The main issue is Instagram does not allow you to save pictures or videos.

This, in my opinion, is a good thing as your pictures and videos are safe. But sometimes you want to save a meme, or a joke or a funny video about what to do in that case.

Well, a lot of developers have launched modified versions of the Instagram application that allow you to save pictures and videos.

A modified version of the Instagram application launched by a third-party developer is called Instagram MOD APK. So if you want some extra features like saving pictures and videos, using different themes, and translating documents, etc. must consider installing Instagram Mod APK.

The best part is you can download it on any device including android, iOS, or your PC free of cost. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that it is not an official application.

If you want to download the application without any trouble, make sure to follow the steps mentioned in the above sections.

Other Instagram MODS

As a lot of people are looking for a mod version of Instagram, there are plenty of Instagram mods available. GBInstagram is although a perfect option, but if you want to know about other mod applications of Instagram, here are some of these:

OG Instagram

It is an excellent mod application of Instagram. I have personally used this mod application and find it really helpful. OG Instagram is considered among one of the oldest mod applications of Instagram. It also allows you to download Instagram stories, pictures, and videos.

Moreover, there are several other excellent features that you can enjoy. You can also use two Instagram accounts on this mod apk.

Instagram Plus

Instagram Plus is another mod application as an alternative to the Instagram app that allows the downloading of Instagram stories, photos, and videos free of cost. There are several other exciting features too, but it does not allow you to use two different Instagram accounts.

Insta Pro Mod Apk

It is the premium modified version of the Instagram application. For instance, you can download themes, stories, photos, videos, and IGTV videos.

Additionally, you can hide the viewed stories, and recordings, broadcasts, you can also remove ads, translate and copy comments. You may think that it is a premium version so it can be expensive, but it is totally free of cost.


You might still have some questions in your mind regarding GB Instagram mod apk; you will find answers o most of these questions here:

Is using Instagram Mod apk is safe?

Yes! Using Instagram GB apk on your device is totally safe. It has the same license as the Instagram application, so safety would not be an issue. Other mod applications might impose some safety risks but not this one.

Does this require a rooted android device?

No, Installing GB Insta mod apk does not require a rooted android device. You can easily download it on any device and enjoy exciting features.

What is GBInsta mod apk?

GB Insta is a modified version of the Instagram application. It offers some extra features which are not available on the Instagram application like downloading stories, videos, and pictures, copying and translating comments. These are not the only features it has much more to offer you. [/su_spoiler]

How one can download GB Instagram?

Downloading and installing this Instagram is simple. Just follow these simple steps, and you are good to go:

  • Uninstall official Instagram application
  • Use a trusted link to download
  • When downloading is completed click on the apk file to install and enjoy

What are some features of GB?"

It offers you a lot of features to enjoy that are not available on the Instagram application. Some of these are mentioned here.

  • Downloading Insta stories, videos and pictures
  • Copying and translating comments and bios
  • Sharing post URLs on other social media platforms
  • Changing themes
  • Hiding story views

Final Verdict

Instagram is a trendy social media application that allows you to share stories, pictures and videos with your friends and followers. But due to a strict privacy policy, you cannot save or download these pictures or videos. At this point, GB Instagram mod apk 2022 comes forward to save you.

It is launched by a third-party developer to make you able to download your favorite Instagram pictures videos and stories. You can download it on any device free of cost from a trustworthy website. There are plenty of modified applications available on the internet for Instagram, but not all of these are actually useful.

I have tried almost all of them to check whether they are worth installing, I only find GB Mod apk reliable. So if you are bored of the same Instagram theme or do not find Instagram features enough, make sure to consider GB mod apk, and you will not be disappointed.

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